Fall is finally here. Those nasty nineties have disappeared and the super seventies are here. Yes, I know it is November, but fall is sometimes a little reluctant to show up on the Gulf Coast. So glad the cooler weather finally arrived. And, despite the fact that the fall stuff has pretty much disappeared from stores and Christmas has now replaced it, let me take a moment to treasure all the awesomeness of fall before it disappears.

Pumpkins, changing leaves, falling leaves, pumpkin spice coffee, earth tones, cooler weather, cardigans, jeans, cider, apples, fall plaids, hot spiced tea, chili, pumpkin muffins, running in the cool air, candy corn, football, open windows, the return of the black birds, Halloween, Thanksgiving, grey skies, spices, the feeling of settling in.

Thank you, fall. So glad you are here.

One thought on “Fall…Finally!!

  1. Reblogged this on Simple Thoughts and commented:

    A year later, the feelings remain the same. Welcome back, Fall.

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