Hunting Season

For the first time ever, my husband will take our son hunting this season.  We weren’t waiting on a certain age or anything, but for my husband to graduate and actually have time to do more than study or program.  It is a nice change for my husband to have some time.  And nice for the guys to have some time together. 

Last week, my husband took our son out to the woods, where he taught him some essentials – safety, how to load, how to fire, and how to remove shells, how to track deer, how to choose where to hunt, and how they would carry the deer out if they shot something.  It was interesting to watch for a number of reasons.  Our son is growing up, and it was fun to watch how much differently he handled the idea of hunting once we got to the woods.  We spent about five hours driving and walking through the woods.  As we did, he became more and more serious, and I could see it becoming more real to him.  It is a good thing.  It is important that he understand the reality, rather than the TV/video game fantasy. 

We have another week or so before they go.  They will skip opening weekend because it is a little crazy.  So now we are working on making ready – making jerky, making snacks, making sure all of the hunting stuff is together – and they will be on their way before the crack of dawn next weekend. 

He’s ready. 


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