Happy Halloween

It is finally Halloween, which means two things in my house – “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and homemade Mac and Cheese.  I’ll bet you were thinking something else – trick or treaters, candy, ghosts, pumpkins – and we still look forward to all of that.  But it is the movie and the Mac and Cheese that my family looks forward to the most. 

It started when my son was younger.  He had to have a palate expander put in on Halloween.  Knowing that his mouth would be sore, I promised him that we could make Mac and Cheese.  So we did.  And during supper, we watched Linus in his sincere pumpkin patch getting passed over by the Great Pumpkin yet again. 

He asked the movie and meal the following year, and then the next, and we just keep going.  He is fourteen, and still wants to hang with his parents, help make homemade Mac and Cheese, and watch Charlie Brown on Halloween.

It is a pretty cool tradition, and an even more awesome kid. 


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